Stay Permanently

Immigration through study

Permanent Residency (PR) After Studies

Did you know that some international students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada?

There are number of options for International students graduating from a Canadian post-secondary educational institution to gain landed immigrant status in Canada. International students must consider the possibility of Permanent Residency while deciding to choose a country to pursue higher studies. Canada is one of the best options to study, work and live.

Alternative to working in Canada

Studying in Canada is an alternative to those who do not meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker program, Quebec Skilled Worker program, and those who are unable to immediately secure a job offer in Canada.

Canadians place a great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well-regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe.

Those who wish to live in Canada permanently may want to consider coming to Canada to study. Both the Federal governments and those provinces who have established provincial nominee programs allow for fast-track immigration to international students who meet their requirements.

Post-graduate work permit

International students who study in Canada at a recognized publicly funded post-secondary (post-high school) educational institution in a program of at least 8 months in duration will qualify to apply and receive a post-graduation work permit.

Post-graduation (or post-grad) work permits are issued to international graduates who have successfully completed a program of 8 months or more at a publicly funded college or university in Canada. The post-graduation work permit allows graduated students to work anywhere in Canada and without the requirement of obtaining a job offer first.

After completion of at least a one-year study program and one year of working in Canada, these potential immigrants now have the option to apply for permanent resident status through the Canadian Experience Class program.

Canadian Experience Class immigration program

The Canadian Experience Class program is designed for those who have gained an education in Canada and worked for at least one (1) year and/or have worked in Canada on a temporary work permit for at least two (2) years.

Students who complete studies and have gained work experience in Canada are normally those who can best settle and establish themselves in Canada. Working on a post-graduation work permit provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on the Canadian labour market and potentially open doors to other job offers which may eventually lead to successful settlement.

As a licensed immigration service World Migration Group’s experts are able to answer all general and private questions about the process of applying to become a Permanent Resident of Canada. We assist International Graduate students with their permanent residency applications and documentation, fully representing them before Canadian immigration authorities within Canada and around the world.