Homestay info

Homestay information

Living with a Canadian Family

Living with a Canadian Family is an excellent way for international students to learn about Canadian culture. You will be treated as a member of the family. This means that you will automatically be included in all family fun activities. It is not necessary for you to join the family if you do not want to be included. However, the more time you choose to spend with your host family, the more opportunities you will have to practice your English language skills and become familiar with Canadian culture. Some activities away from the home may require an admission fee. You must pay your own expenses for these activities. It would be a good idea to ask the host how much the activity will cost before you decide to go with them.

Experience Canadian culture

Staying in a Homestay in Canada will give you an excellent opportunity to practice your English conversation skills and experience Canadian culture and family life. Our Homestay families are located in areas of Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal, Canada, between 40-60 minutes from the school; these homes are safe, secure, inspected and approved by the Student Accommodation Program Coordinators.

Your Homestay family in Canada will be different from your own, so be prepared to adjust to a new household routine, different foods and new rules.

Please keep in mind that Canada has a very diverse cultural makeup with citizens from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Student Accommodation Department, Cultural Coordinators and staff will always be available to assist you whenever you have questions or want to talk.

Most Canadians work outside the home and are active in community affairs. Each family member has duties around the home and does many things for themselves. For example, family members are expected to take their own dishes from the dining room to the kitchen and take care of their own possessions; this will apply to you too! You will be asked to respect the rules and regulations that pertain to their household.

Each family will assist you in learning the layout of your new home. You will be provided with a clean, comfortable, private room. The room will be equipped with a desk, bed, dresser, closet and good lighting. You are expected to keep your own room neat and tidy.

You will have your own house key. Please respect the security of the household. Make sure you return the key when you leave.

If any questions arise about your new home, please feel free to ask your family.

Types of accommodation

Meals are included in Full-Board Homestay (3 meals per day, and snacks), and Half-Board Homestay (Breakfast, dinner, and evening snacks). You will receive healthy, adequate meals. You will try many different types of food. Please tell your family what you like and dislike.

Roomstay accommodations will not include meals, but students will have access to the kitchen to prepare meals for themselves.

Many Canadian Families lead very busy lives. Members of the family may leave for work or school at different times, so you may be asked to make your own breakfast and prepare your own bag-lunch for school, from a selection of foods in the fridge. The evening meal is always a large hot meal, prepared by the host. It is a relaxed time for you to share the day’s events with the host family. The host will want to prepare some of your favourite foods; so tell the host what you like to eat! Be sure to tell the host if you have any food allergies.

Homestay guests are encouraged to use the “common” areas of the home. You may join in conversations with family members, and their guests to whom you are introduced. Canadian Families each have their own set of house rules and behavioural expectations. They will want you to respect these also. If you are unsure about our customs or the hosts’ expectations, do not be afraid to ask the family members.