Study in Canada and get Permanent Residency (PR)


From an International Student to a Permanent Resident!

Canada’s open immigration policy is the reason why a large portion of our clients are those people who, after completing studies in Canada, resolve to continue living here as permanent residents. Recently, Canadian government has been actively supporting foreign students who set out to utilize their skills and experience in this wonderful country. As a result of such great programs, immigration through education has become one of the most popular forms of moving to Canada. Additionally, studying in Canada is the best (and sometimes, the only) option, for those persons who otherwise don’t qualify for other immigration programs, such as Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, or Provincial Nominee Program. Many foreign students get the opportunity to work while studying.

The advantages of this approach include:

  • visas are acquired quicker
  • post-graduate job placement in Canada
  • in-depth adaptation in Canadian social environment
  • ability to invite family members to Canada while studying
  • acquiring work permits
  • opportunity to gain Permanent Residency status

Our parent organization, World Migration Group, is a licensed immigration company that is authorized to assist you to realize the transition from a temporary student in Canada to a permanent Canadian resident.

We will match the right program to your individual experience, skills, and level of education, and if your ultimate goal is to stay in Canada–we will help you reach that goal!